Typical food of Acapulco, Mexico

The beautiful bay surrounded by mountains, provides Acapulco access to a wide variety of sea products, which together with the blend of indigenous and Spanish dishes have originated a unique cuisine

Acapulco's specialty is pescado a la talla. In this dish, you can select the fish you prefer so it is cut and grilled with salt, spices, and chili. Ceviche, is the second most famous dish in Acapulco, and it consists of cubes of raw fish marinated with lemon juice and flavored with onion, tomatoes, oregano, salt, coriander, avocado, and a spicy sauce.

Beside seafood, another traditional dish in Acapulco is pozole guerrerense, which can be white or green. The green pozole is traditionally served on Thursday, and the white pozole on Wednesday and Sunday. It is a special event that brings friends and family together, and is prepared with a delicious recipe in all the regional markets. Pozole is a kind of soup made with kernels of a special corn known as cacahuazintle, to which chicken or pork meat is added, it can even contain sardines, and its color depends on the condiment.

For dessert, Acapulco offers a wide variety of sweets such as cocada, a shredded coconut candy; sweet, salty or chili tamarindos; alfajor de coco acapulqueño, similar to cocada but in this case the coconut is finely shredded and has one side dyed pink.

To cool off, two of the typical beverages of the area are the tuba made of fermented coconut, and the petaquilla, based on mezcal. You cannot miss the famous lemon soda called Yoli, because as the saying goes in Acapulco "if you went to Acapulco and didn't try Yoli, you were not there".

The best place to taste pescado a la talla at the best price, is the Barra de Coyuca area, and Barra Vieja, where there are a lot of beachside restaurants. There are also plenty of options in Acapulco Golden Zone on Costera Miguel Aleman, near the maritime terminal.

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Pescado a la talla
,Acapulco, Mexico

Pescado a la talla

Grilled fish with sauces and spices.

Ceviche,Acapulco, Mexico


Pieces of fish or seafood marinated in lime juice. It is usually eaten with tortilla chips.

Pozole guerrerense
,Acapulco, Mexico

Pozole guerrerense

Soup with hominy and pork or chicken, topped with lettuce, chilli, onions, lemon, and oregano.

Tuba,Acapulco, Mexico


Typical drink based on fermented coconut.