Typical food of Mexico City, Mexico

In Mexico City you can taste dishes from the entire country, but antojitos mexicanos or Mexican cravings are the best of its cuisine

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, offers many dining options from most of the states, so you can taste pozole, a stew made with maize and pork or chicken; cochinita pibil, roasted pork seasoned with annatto and citrus juice; cabrito, roast goal kid; barbacoa, meat cooked in the ground covered with maguey leaves, and more. However, the most representative specialties of this city are antojitos mexicanos, which are Mexican cravings that include sopes, thick tortillas topped with different stews; tortas, a kind of bun stuffed with stews and other food combinations; tacos stuffed with Al pastor-style meat or suadero; quesadillas, and snacks as French fries, corn, and esquites, which are grains of corn boiled in salted water. To enjoy the Mexican cuisine, we recommend La Fonda del Claustro or El Cardenal restaurant.

You have to try the Mexico City-style tamales, stuffed with different stews as mole, green sauce, and pepper strips; or sweet tamales, which are famous for being pink. Atole is the perfect beverage to accompany tamales, a hot drink prepared with corn dough and flavored with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or other fruits. If you want to try a real "Chilango" dish, buy a guajolota, a torta stuffed with a tamal. Local people say that the best tamales are sold in street stalls on the corners of the schools or offices zones, so we recommend trying them.

Mexico City is a modern destination where you can find everything from fast food to international cuisine, including Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, and French gastronomy in the most sophisticated and award-winning restaurants in the country. Some of them are Puerto Madero, Harry's Steakhouse, La Vie en Rose, and Biko.

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<p>Tacos</p>,Mexico City, Mexico


Corn tortillas stuffed with Al pastor-style meat, suadero, or beef.

<p>Torta</p>,Mexico City, Mexico


A kind of baguette stuffed with many food combinations.

<p>Esquites</p>,Mexico City, Mexico


Corn grains cooked in chicken broth and served with chili, lemon, salt, mayonnaise, and cheese, and sometimes with chicken feet.

<p>Tamal</p>,Mexico City, Mexico


Traditional dish made of corn dough, which is steamed in a leaf wrapper. It is stuffed with mole sauce, pepper slices, chicken, or green sauce, or it can be sweet with raisins.

<p>Atole</p>,Mexico City, Mexico


Thick beverage made of corn and water. It is prepared with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or other fruits.