Typical food of Puebla, Mexico

Native and Spanish ingredients are mixed in the cuisine of Puebla, adding a mestizo essence and making it famous around the globe

The cuisine of Puebla represents not only the city or the state, but the entire country. Some of the most famous regional dishes can be found in specific times of the year, being highly popular. Chile en nogada is one of those dishes and it is internationally regarded as one of the finest and most representative Mexican specialties. It consists of a poblano chili stuffed with beef and pork, and fruits such as banana, pear, apple, and peach, which is coated and fried in oil. It is then covered with a white sauce of walnut, cream and cheese, and decorated with pomegranate seeds and parsley leaves. Mole poblano is a colonial dish mainly consisting of a thick sauce made with a variety of ingredients, including mulato and pasilla chilies, almonds, raisins, peanuts, clove, cinnamon, and a touch of chocolate; served with chicken or turkey, or as an accompaniment for many other dishes. Puebla is also famous for its succulent cemitas, a sandwich made with crusty bread covered with sesame seed, stuffed with a main ingredient as beef, pork, or chicken, with avocado, cheese, peppers, onion, papalo, and a touch of olive oil. Another Mexican snack is the Chalupa, fried corn or wheat tortilla shaped like a small canoe or chalupa, which are filled with cheese, chopped onion, chicken or beef, and topped with a sauce. 

There are many good options to sweeten your palate. Camotes are sweet potatoes prepared with sugar and fruits, served in various colors and flavors. The borrachitos are rectangular soft sweets containing wine or liqueur, they come in different colors. Other sweet options include polvorones de nuez, cocadas, macarrones, the famous tortitas de Santa Clara, (cookies filled with pumpkin seed), and rosquillas de canela

To cool off, nothing better than the Pasita liqueur, presented in a tequila glass with a bit of cheese, which you can find in a bar called La Pasita, in downtown Puebla, near Plazuela de los Sapos. Another typical beverage is pulque, obtained from aguamiel, natural or cured, when mixed with fruits. 

To enjoy these delicacies you can visit La Fonda de Santa Clara, Mercado del Carmen, Chalupas San Francisco, La Casita, Dulcerias Santa Clara, and La Gran Fama, specialized in sweets of Puebla.

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Mole,Puebla, Mexico

Mole Sauce prepared with more than 30 ingredients, frequently used to cover chicken or turkey, or enchiladas, in this case known as "enmoladas".

Chiles en nogada,Puebla, Mexico

Chiles en nogada

Poblano chili stuffed with a mixture of meat, spices, and fruits, topped with a walnut cream sauce and pomegranate seeds. 

Camote,Puebla, Mexico


Sweet made from sweet potato, several fuits and sugar.