Typical food of Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Puerto Escondido has a cuisine based on seafood, as well as typical dishes from the cuisine of Oaxaca

Puerto Escondido is a beach destination where you can find traditional recipes prepared with seafood or stews from the cuisine of Oaxaca. Some of the most representative dishes are:

Pescado a la talla, a whole fish, mainly a snapper, marinated in a guajillo chilli sauce, grilled, and served with fresh salad and rice.

Tlayuda, a large tortilla topped with a stew of beef, dried meat, or pork rinds. We recommend eating them at the Tlayudas Sabor a Gloria restaurant.

Grasshopper tacos, tortilla stuffed with grasshoppers roasted on a comal. They are seasoned with lemon and the sauce of your choice.

Tichinda Tamales, traditional Oaxacan tamales filled with a type of mollusk called tichinda.

Mezcal, a Mexican alcoholic beverage obtained from the distillation of the leaves of agave. It has a dry and strong flavor and is usually accompanied with maguey worms and lemon. You can enjoy artisanal mezcal in the Cayuci Mezcal y Cocina restaurant.

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Mezcal,Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Beverage prepared from the fermented juice of the agave.

Pescado a la talla,Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Pescado a la talla

Whole fish marinated in guajillo sauce and grilled.

<p>Tlayuda</p>,Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Large fried or toasted tortilla covered with a wide variety of ingredients and a stew.

Tacos de Chapulin,Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Tacos de Chapulin

Tacos with grasshoppers toasted on a comal.

<p>Tamales tichinda</p>,Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Tamales tichinda

Traditional tamal made of a snail called tichinda.