Typical food of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

There are many typical dishes that you can try in Puerto Vallarta, from fish and shrimp to pozole and tamales

Puerto Vallarta is a magic place, ideal for delighting your palate with diverse types of seafood, along with typical local beverages and sweets. One of the most representative dishes of this place is pescado embarazado, whose name comes from the linguistic deformation of grilled fish on a stick, marinated with lemon and topped with Huichol sauce. This dish can be prepared with shark or marlin; a variant of this recipe is replacing the fish by shrimp.

Something you should not miss is fish or shrimp tacos at the Marisma restaurant. You can try them grilled or breaded, and they are prepared just in front of your eyes, and served with handmade tortillas.

Try authentic Mexican delicacies, including nopal salad, chiles en nogada, which are chilies in walnut sauce; grilled steak in mole poblano sauce; and from the state of Jalisco, shrimp pozole and camarón zarandeado, a shrimp stew. Here you will find succulent seafood cocktails, mojarra or octopus ceviche, whole fish, fish balls, and shellfish prepared in many recipes.

To accompany such a succulent feast, you can drink coconut water, cool beverages of nance, hibiscus, and tamarind; or tuba, a drink made with fermented palm and small pieces of chopped walnuts and apple.

For dessert, you can taste sweets made with coconut and tamarind, or the traditional posi, made with corn dough, sugar, and prickly pears. Other desserts to consider include cuala, mango jam, coconut candies, and honeyed coyules.

El Arrayán is a favorite restaurant for visitors and local people, situated a few blocks from the boardwalk. Other options are the Romantic Zone, The Blue Shrimp, El Barracuda, El Andariego, or Mariscos Tino's, among many other options.

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Pescado embarazado,Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Pescado embarazado

Delicious pieces of fish smeared with lemon and roasted on the grill with Huichol sauce.

<p>Shrimp tacos</p>,Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Shrimp tacos

Cooked to order in front of you and served with freshly made tortillas.

<p>Shrimp pozole</p>,Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Shrimp pozole

Made with dried shrimp, small shrimp, hominy, guajillo and ancho chilies, and spices. It can be served with lettuce, onion, radishes, cream, and lemon.

<p>Tuba</p>,Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Palm fermented beverage made from nuts and small pieces of chopped apple.

<p>Coyules with honey</p>,Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Coyules with honey

Sweet made of coyul, a fruit of an endemic palm three, covered with honey.