Typical food of Villahermosa, Mexico

The gastronomy of Villahermosa is unique, consisting of a mix of Mayan and Chontal recipes with Spanish-style stews. Cuisine is mostly based on meat, fruits, and local spices, not consumed in other parts of Mexico, so every meal will be a discovery.

The garpike, a strange animal with fish body and lizard head, is used to prepare exotic dishes as grilled garpike marinated with pequin pepper and lemon; and garpike chirmol, prepared wih a sauce of pumpkin seeds and epazote leaves. Another specialty is the iguana cake, prepared with iguana boned and chopped meat mixed with egg, parsley, onion, and garlic, and baked over banana leaves.

The salted meat is another culinary delight that is prepared in two ways: with the regional plant chaya, served with banana and leaves of chipilín; or with black beans and salted pork served with white rice, coriander, radishes, onion, chile, and lemon. The Tabasco-style sea bass is an exquisite dish consisting of a fish stuffed with squid, octopus, and shrimp, seasoned with orange juice and served on leaves of chaya with white rice and plantain. Other original recipes are the marinated paca, turtle in blood consisting of turtle meat with a tomato marinade; green pochitoque, a turtle in green sauce; green mondongo; and pigua, a shrimp in garlic sauce.

For dessert, you can try the coconut tortilla, a baked sweet made of coconut and bread crumbs; mamey sapote sweet made with fig and honey; banana bread; nance sweet; cocoyol, an edible fruit from the palms boiled with water and sugar; and oreja de mico sweet, made from a monkey's ear shaped papaya and sugar. To cool off, you can drink pozol, the typical regional beverage made with corn, ground cocoa, and water, and served cold. The atole agrio is prepared with fermented corn and sweet bread, and the Iliztle is a brandy with cane, grape, peach, or pear.

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Pejelagarto asado
,Villahermosa, Mexico

Pejelagarto asado

Garpike is prepared with lemon juice and chiles, roasted over wood or coal fire.

<p>Coconut and nance sweet</p>,Villahermosa, Mexico

Coconut and nance sweet

Typical sweets prepared with fruit from the region.

<p>Oreja de mico sweet</p>,Villahermosa, Mexico

Oreja de mico sweet

Desert made with a fruit similar to a monkey's ear.

<p>Pozol</p>,Villahermosa, Mexico


Fresh beverage made with corn and ground cocoa.