Typical food of Colima, Mexico

Gastronomy in Colima is extensive and you can find from little cravings made with corn to seafood dishes

The cuisine of Colima has a wide variety of dishes where corn plays an important role; tamales, pork pozole, sopes and sopitos, tostadas, tacos, and other Mexican cravings are some of the most popular for locals and visitors. To enjoy these and other dishes from the gastronomy of Colima, we recommend El Charco de la Higuera restaurant.

Seafood is also present within the culinary offer of Colima; you can try from pescado a la talla with guajillo sauce up to a Colima-style ceviche, and exotic dishes such as chacales, which are a species of shrimp that can be prepared in broth or butter. You can taste a wide range of shellfish in the Mahalo restaurant.

Speaking about drinks in Colima, you can try tuba, which is prepared from the liquid of the freshly cut coconut palm; tejuino, prepared with corn dough, salt and lemon; and the famous ponche de Comala, an alcoholic drink made with local mezcal and various fruits such as granada, guava, and tamarind.

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<p>Sopitos</p>,Colima, Mexico


Corn tortillas served with ground beef and tomato sauce.

<p>Pork pozole</p>,Colima, Mexico

Pork pozole

Dry pozole prepared with pork.

Tejuino,Colima, Mexico

Tejuino Typical beverage made of fermented corn.

<p>Ponche de Comala</p>,Colima, Mexico

Ponche de Comala

Beverage prepared with mezcal and fruits such as pomegranate, nuts, guava, or tamarind.