Typical food of Morelia, Mexico

The gastronomy of Morelia is the result of the combination of ancient Purepecha meals with European cuisine

To speak of the cuisine of Morelia is to mention countless dishes. Some of the most popular meals of this city are pollo placero, chicken served with potatoes, carrots and enchiladas drenched in a thick chili pepper sauce; corundas, triangular tamales wrapped in green corn leaves; and uchepos, sweet corn tamales topped with cream or served as a side dish. 

Other delicacies include churipo, a broth made with chili pepper, beef, and vegetables; atapakua, a stew whose basic ingredients are corn and chili pepper, served with meat and cheese; and the famous carnitas, fried chunks of pork served in tacos with corn tortillas. You should also try the michi broth, prepared with fish and opuntia; the morisqueta, a rice dish with beans and roasted pork; and aporreadillo, strips of dried meat fried with egg and chili pepper. 

The cuisine of Morelia also includes excellent desserts that are worth mentioning. The most famous are chongos zamoranos, a kind of sweet made with curdled sweet milk; and fruit ates, a very consistent fruit paste. You can also enjoy fritters, cream bread, preserved fruits, chocolate de metate, and the famous morelianas, wafers with burnt milk and sugar. The atole (a traditional Mexican beverage) is prepared here with many different ingredients, including blackberry, tamarind, chili, and herbs for flavor.

If you need a stronger beverage to accompany your meals, there's nothing better than charanda, a strong cane liquor. Among the most famous regional restaurants are Los Mirasoles de Morelia, Cafe Catedral, El Huerto de los Jesuitas, Parroquia de la Inmaculada, and La Casa del Portal, among others.

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Corundas,Morelia, Mexico


Triangular tamales wrapped in green leaves of corn served with cream and sauce.

Chongos zamoranos,Morelia, Mexico

Chongos zamoranos Sweet made of curdled milk with sugar and cinnamon.

Charanda,Morelia, Mexico

Charanda Alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of sugar cane.